NewGround specialise in pumping systems to suit all applications, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the right pumping solutions for our clients no matter how challenging the application. Poor water quality, viscous liquids and slurries or high pressure or flow requirements? Not a problem for the team at NewGround we supply, install and service all pumping equipment including:

  • Submersible Bore Pumps

  • Multistage Booster Pumps

  • Centrifugal Transfer Pumps

  • Turbines

  • Slurry Pumps

  • Fire pump sets

  • Waste Water Pumps

  • Chemical Dosing Pumps

  • Agitators and Mixers


Whether you want to transfer water for livestock troughs or to dewater a large open cut pit NewGround have the experience and equipment for your next pipeline project. We specialise in all pipeline systems including:

  • Polyethelene including buttwelding and electrofusion welding processes

  • PVC series 1 and 2

  • Chemical resistant ABS, CPVC, UPVC, PP and PVDF

  • Isolation, air, check and control valve solutions

Water Transfer & Pipelines
Bores & Submersible Pump Systems

NewGround has the knowledge and expertise to drill and maintain bores throughout Western Australia, partnering with some of the most respected Hydrologist and Drillers in the industry we work with our client throughout the entire process. We can assist with water licensing, bore design and installation of superficial and multiple aquifer bore systems including;

  • PVC cased and screened bores

  • FRP, SS and carbon steel cased bores

  • Bespoke screens designed to suit site specific geological conditions

  • Flow testing

  • Mechanical and chemical cleaning

  • Air development and surging


Information and automation are becoming an important part of all water systems, throughout the past decade technology has come along way and so has our requirement to monitor, control and protect our water infrastructure. NewGround has a focus on developing new technologies and being at the forefront of advancements, ensuring we are offering the most up to date control and communication systems for our client’s water projects including;

  • Pump control cabinets, fixed and frame mounted to suit all sizes and types of motors

  • Energy efficient variable speed frequency control of pumps

  • Valve actuation

  • Analogue and digital instrumentation to provide monitoring, control and protection for flow, pressure, temperature, depth, EC, PH and much more

  • 3/4G and radio wireless communication systems

  • BMS and SCADA integration and control systems

Pump Control & Automation

NewGround has a purpose-built workshop in Bellevue WA, equipped with fabrication bays capable of cutting and welding plastic, aluminum, carbon and stainless steel as well as machining equipment to provide bespoke solutions to suit our customer’s needs. We also offer servicing and repair for all types and sizes of pumps with experienced pump fitters and machinists on staff no job is too difficult for the team at NewGround. We pride ourselves on delivering jobs on time and to the highest possible standard; fabricating and servicing inhouse ensures we can achieve both with no excuses. We design and fabricate the below to our client’s exact specifications and requirements.

  • Submersible motor cooling shrouds

  • Pump manifolds and pipework

  • Bore headworks

  • Pump and cabinet bases

  • Pump installation trailers

  • Pump skids, including portable fire and pressure cleaning systems

Water Treatment & Filtration



Filtration is crucial to protecting valuable assets whether your filtering water for irrigation or industrial process its critical to ensure your filtration system is designed correctly, that’s where NewGround can help. We offer the following filtration systems to give our clients piece of mind.

  • Automatic screen filtration

  • Automatic disc filtration

  • Bag and basket filtration

  • Media filtration with various media options to suit sediment and minerals including iron, magnesium and calcium removal

  • Pre-treatment screens and screw filters

Water Treatment and Storage

NewGround provide water treatment and storage to suit any requirement, working with engineering partners we can provide the below water treatment and storage solutions.

  • Poly lined dams

  • molded and bespoke fabricated poly tanks up to 110KL

  • Steel and zinc tanks up to 2ML

  • UV Disinfection

  • Chemical dosing including, flocculants, PH correction and chlorine.

  • Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration water treatment plants

  • Sewage pump stations

  • Membrane Bioreactor, Submerged Aerated Filtration and Sequencing Batch Reactor waste water treatment plants

Solar & Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is at the forefront of our thoughts at NewGround and we are always looking for ways to help our clients reduce their impact on the environment. There has been a shift toward intelligent and sustainable solutions within the pumping industry with solar and alternative energy solutions becoming more viable there is no better time to speak to NewGround about how we can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on ever increasing electricity and diesel costs. Some of the solutions we offer are;

  • Modular solar pumping systems up to 37kW

  • Blended solar and generator or mains powered pumping systems of any size

  • Municipal stormwater aquifer reinjection

  • Mine dewatering aquifer re-injection

  • Commercial pool heating geothermal pumping and re-injection systems

  • Geothermal open loop space heating/cooling systems